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hold off on letters to Johnny

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as of now, he can’t get anything. so anything sent has probally NOT gotton there. im bummed. but he says he should have had it by wednesday or thursday and i should get it by next week. Mail and sendings are very uplifting and need to be positive. they are currency to the soul!!! i know i have a stack of letters and silly things to send off.



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Letters from South Carolina came today!!!!! head on over to to see how things are going.

FT Jackson update

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I recieved a phone call last night from Johnny. Basically informing that he is in SC, at Reception. has a wealth of information about his training process, and what his daily life will be like. some suggestions on mail to soldiers:

  • Soldiers in Basic Combat Training will have mail call every day – training schedule permitting.
  • We encourage you to send uplifting cards and letters to Soldiers in training.
  • Soldiers are not allowed to receive any packages containing food, candy, pornographic material or any other contraband.

His contact information for the week is:

**update**email me if you need this information

once he is out of reception :ETA 4/27 this address will change, and a permant one will be available.

*:*4-26 UPDATE*:* hold off on mailings until about Early may, when a more reliable address will be provided

hes off!!

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I am so proud to announce that Johnny has begun his new job today. Today he shipped to Fort Jackson, in Columbia South Caroling to being Basic Training for the United States Army. that process will take 10 weeks, then 10 weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and then 2 weeks of jump school.  This process will prepare him to become a Paralegal for the Army. Please keep him in your thoughts, as this process will be mentally and physically challenging for him.

I will begin a new blog once letters begin to come home, accounting his journey. Information to follow in the next 2 weeks.

our wedding video!

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from our back driveway, wishes in the magic kingdom sky! Thank you Walt Disney

Pro Photo update

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the edited pictures that sungold took are up, ready and available at let me know if you need the user name and password. 

my computer is refusing to upload the 1000 photos sungold took at the wedding. so i can’t get them onto snapfish. some are there but the majority aren’t.

PLEASE let me know if you want to purchase any of the photos that are on pictage and NOT on snapfish. I will get you the file so you can have those images.

Happy Friday the 13th!