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Happy Birthday Johnny!!

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Cheyenne has a family!

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We have found Cheyenne a breed. We adopted her in October 2005, and since then she has just been a Hound dog. we called her a bird dog, because Johnny had Kota- the hog dog- and it just fell in to place. The SPCA said she was a German Shepard, and we laughed at them.

 I was out walking her the other day and met a guy who works for the Homeowners accociation here. he said she was a Cur dog, black mouth cur to be more specific. So i got home googled (seriously what would we do with out Google.) and she looks to be a Catahoula Leopard Dog.

some pictures to compare:

google image cheyenne:+

and so kota isn’t neglected: he is a Rhodesian Ridgeback

google image: Kota as a puppy:

new place!

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ive been in our new place for about a month now, and have not posted any pictures. it is less than beautiful, keep in mind when looking its just temporary and thus no need to decorate.

Dining room (aka) Kota and Cheyenne’s Room


living room:

Back Yard:  yes, complete with deflated basketball and tiles to keep the dogs in!

 Guest room:

master room:

its going to be a hot one

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Kota and Cheyenne have determined its too hot outside. while we were playing outback today, they knudged the door open and came back in. I reminded them its only May, and this is not hot yet. The cold tile was a better choices of places to hang out