Graduation and Family Day

C&P from johnnyarmyman

what an amazing, aweinspring experience. the past 4 days have been worth the wait! Bonnie, Matt, Lizzy and I began the trip to Columbia South Carolina on Wednesday of last week. not a bad drive at all. 7 hours total. we arrived, checked in to the on post rental apartment at Jack’s Inn. a great place to stay, and a great eye opener for future post living. Retired early, we had a busy day on Thursday.

Family Day began at 10am outside the Solomon Center (just a big gym) we were briefed (this happens alot in the army) about the experieces of our soldier over the past 10 weeks and how much they have accomplished. shortly after this introduction we were told where we can meet our soldiers. B company was out to the Right.

alomost like a wheres waldo puzzle!!

after being reunited with family after 10 weeks, Johnny was issued a on post pass- go anywhere you like, on base, must remain in uniform, no drinking, no driving, must be back to the company area at 1900 aka 7:00pm.

He took us around and showed us the barracks “home” for the past 10 weeks. just as you would imagine it- a long row of bunk beds with university quality mattesses and locker space.

we were lucky enough to get a place on post to stay, so we spent the day relaxing, laughing, and catching up. since a birthday was missed, we celebrated.

army ACU’s

with family

Day 2- graduation-

9am at Hilton field. an awsome show by all.

B company is to the right of the flags.

now the next step– AIT- advanced individual training. where he will learn how to do his army job (MOS)

the school

and off he goes!

you make us all so proud!


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