my trip to Ft Jackson

This weekend was amazing! i got to spend the weekend with my amazing, army husband, and relax and see some of the sights around Columbia South Carolina.

I left Orlando right after a storm. these are from the plane.

 Saturday- Picked up Johnny from his AIT company. Signed him out and off we went. we had dinner at the Motor Supply company, located in the Vistas in down town Columbia. Wonderful food, Johnny had the pork porter house, and i had Wahoo. great meal! we drove around and Saw the USC campus, beautiful, and other things down town. Found a marble Slab 🙂 and had dessert there!

 Sunday we went to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. and we were very impressed by this zoo. it did not fail to deliver when it came to lions, monkeys and bears!

Grizzley Bears”

the silver back gorilla

a very cool looking monkey

Elephants- did you know elephants ears can weigh up to 100 lbs! and they walk on their TOES!

ok, this guy was the highlight of the zoo! We have never seen anything like this before

yes, its a squirrel, and yes, i have seen squirrels before, but he was laying belly down on the concrete walk way, just chillin there. after he got up, checked us out, he went to the tortious pen and dug up some dirt and then laid the same way in the dirt.

the video is still uploading, ill post the video later on!

a cool crocodile


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