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Just for Janice!

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This was our first snow fall here. it was such a strange thing, we went to zoo in shorts and tee shirts the day before, and it was into the 70’s the next day. it was in the upper 30’s so the snow on the ground was about as much as accumulated on the ground even though it snowed ALL day.


Johnny scaring Kota and Cheyenne

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ok so we got a boogie man mask to scare kota and cheyenne with, and i think it worked very well, what do you all think?? 

A Busy Saturday

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oh we did so much today! we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo this morning and afternoon. the zoo gets an A, great Zoo with lots of fun things along the way. the first attraction the Giraffe’s and they are awsome, we have never been so close to a giraffe, let alone feed them.

and baby giraffes

Hippo’s in the sun

this one was funny- this is the mamma orangutange and there was also a baby orangutange, and the baby kept playing when mamma was trying to sleep, the baby kept playing, and mamma was pulling the baby back down and the baby was hitting mom. heres mom

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goooooooo rockies

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i have been in colorado for 7 days. i am now a rockies fan!!!!!!!! GOOOOO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

all unpacked

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FINALLY ALL UNPACKED! there is still stuff everywhere but everything is out of boxes!!!! but its slowly becoming from a mess to a home!

we had a great weekend, we visited Johnny’s family in Longmont Colorado, and I got to meet a lot of family that I hadn’t had the pleasure of before. Kota and Cheyenne went along for the trip and got to see horses, and ducks at Sheree’s. the horses or really big dogs and kota didn’t get along so well and they narrowly escaped a stampeed of three and several hooves in his direction. they also got to play with Rob’s dog Choo Choo today, and got barked at by Charolette, Bandit’s sister.

On our way back today we stopped at American Furniature wearhouse, just north of where we live and picked out a bedroom set that we have been with out for a while. its a cherry set bed, dresser, mirror, chest and night stand.

we also picked out a TV stand for the living room

 similar to that piece but more in an espresso color.

we lit a fire in the fire place this evening for the first time, and the house feels nice and cozy, at this time its 36 degrees outside.

i recieved a call back and an interview at the Golden Bee at the Broadmoor, thats wedneday. more as that progresses. but keep me in your good thoughts and lets hope this works out for the good!!

Have a great week! Love to all

we have pictures

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Hi! these are just a few of the pictures we took on our trip from Florida to Colorado-  in order from beginining to end.

the first view of the Smokey Mountains from North Georgia.

the arch in St Louis.

cheyenne didn’t like the arch and threw up on it.

the first view of the Rocky Mountains

our new place, and yes, the pumpkins were the first things unpacked.

the view from the front yard.

thats all for now. were headed to Longmont for the weekend, we should have lots of pictures from that.

Have a safe- fun weekend!

we have traded disneys fireworks for Pikes Peak

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we found a place to live! we signed the papers yesterday and moved in yesterday.

its a 2/2.5 town home only 1 mile from the post, so its very convient. Its a little larger (we think) than the place in Windermere, not as new, so it has some flaws but we can live with it. the rent is good and its taken Kota and Cheyenne with open arms.

we have no furniature just yet, our stuff that has left orlando on the 1st, hasn’t arrived in colorado yet. yeah i know. so we just have the things we travelled with in the cars.

standard home i suppose- living room, semi bay window, a fire place with a “conversation pit” , a sunken room about 10×10, and that space is totally open to the top with a sky light, the dining room is larger and will fit our dining table!! the kitchen is small, but will get the job done! the counter top is purple and white checkers, again, yeah i know) 1/2 bath down stairs and there is a crawl space below the house.

up stairs theres 2 bedroooms and 2 full bathrooms, and the laundry space (awsome that its upstairs). theres a patio space out back that opens to a grassy area.

out the front is an amazing view of pikes peak and Cheyenne Mountain.

Cheyenne Mountain is the area to the left of this picture. Pikes peak ( I think) is the pointy one, in the pictures it looks shorter than the others, but it is taller, so they say.

send me an email, or leave your email in the comments section, and ill send you the address at the new place.