We had our last weekend in Florida this past weekend. We spent the day Saturday in Labelle visited Johnny’s family and friends. and Sunday in Palm Beach Gardens seeing my family.

Today was intresting. the movers (packers) came at 10 and were finished by noon. they packed all of our household goods up in boxes, with the exception of what we will be packing in the cars and driving with us. now we have a quite and boxed house for the next couple hours. The driver will be here soon and he will then take everything out and leave us with the things we will be taking. even more of a strange feeling, staying in a home for the next 2 days with nothing.  We wanted to spend a little of JOhnny’s leave time relaxing and not driving for the entire time. We still have some close friends and family in Orlando that we want to see before we take off.

As for now- the plan is to leave Orlando on Thursday morning, and drive 500~ miles to Chattanooga TN, Friday 500~ miles. Saturday 500~ miles. and the remainter on Sunday. Sunday we will check in to the Extended stay hotel we will be in until we can find a place to live. hopefully that will be quick and painless, and as seamless as it can be. so hopefully in a week and a half we will be in a new place.

Kota and Cheyenne will be traveling with us, together, seperately. both Johnny and I will be driving our vehicles there. Kota is so very high strung he needs Benedryl to make him sleepy and relax. but they are freaking out, they don’t know what really is going on. i just wish they understood human sometimes.


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