Day 2

ok so lets hope that Word Press doesn’t crap out on me today.

We stayed in Valdosta last night, drove ~500 miles today, and are just north of Nashville, in a mapdot of Joelton TN. 30 minutes from the state line. saw some exciting things on the road today, didn’t see the sun until Nashville TN, drove past a Ford Plant, the Olympic Torch, Turner Field. and a stand off. Yup a Standoff. in Atlanta when the road is forking, and on the South side there is a Ryder truck with the guy out of it, hands up and about 10 cop cars. Guns drawn and everything.

Then a little further up we saw a truck being seriously searched for drugs or something.

Brandi- i waved at the sign to Greenville.

The dogs are doing a little better. Cheyenne road with Johnny all day today, and that suprsingly left kota a little more relaxed. they are more awake this time today than they were yesterday.

the biggest delimma of the day- since this is Central time, is Greys Anatomy on at 9 or 8??

Tomorrow the plan is to get to Columbia Mo, about 430 miles from where we are now. we should be in St Louis at about lunch time, so we are planning to stop and see the arch.

700 miles down. 1100 to go.


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