we have arrived

in colorado springs!!!!!!!!! and it is beautiful here, we are just about 5 miles or so from the base of the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak. and the sun is VERY brght at 6000 feet. we got into town at 2ish and checked into the extended stay we will be staying until we find a place to live. We have an appointment to see a town home about 2 miles from the base tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully it will go well and we can get in Tuesday and finally be out of hotels.

We brought the cold weather with us- the high was about 50degrees today, nice and refreshing. a little cold only when your heavy clothes are still packed away. Tomorrow should be a little warmer.

I’ve been told that The Boroadmoor is owned by the same company that owns Gaylord, i plan to visit them tomorrow and fill out and application and hopefully get a job in leadership out there. FINGERS CROSSED!

Tomorrow Johnny gets to go and report in to the Command at Ft Carson and get the ball rolling with his job.

Im bummed that  I don’t have a camera cord to share the pictures with you, but they are coming soon!

Have a great week! much love


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