in the search of a home

we spent the better part of the day today looking for a palce to live. the extended stay we are staying is very small and uncomftorable. we had an appointment this afternoon to see a town home about 2.5 miles from base, so we visited some apartments to have a back up plan just in case.

we also drove around the ideal area looking for rent signs, most resulting in nothing because of Kota and Cheyenne, or not being available until November. some were too big some too small.  while we were driving through one neghiborhood, there were 4 deer, just hanging out in the common areas and eating flowers. not more than 10 feet from us. i have pictures but again, i don’t have the camera cord.

the first town home we saw was very nice, very small and not quite move in ready. it would work well but it would be uncomftorable.

the second one we looked at was much larger, by 400 feet, had a “conversation pit” a sunken room with a fire place, washer and dryer and our dining table will fit.

tomorrow we meet with the realtor and sign the papers and give them lots and lots of money, and move in with no furniature or anything. hopefully the movers will be able to deliver those things Wednesday or Thursday, hopefully no later than Friday. Hopefully we will be back to normal soon.

Kota and Cheyenne are doing good, they are eating more regularly and playing.


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