all unpacked

FINALLY ALL UNPACKED! there is still stuff everywhere but everything is out of boxes!!!! but its slowly becoming from a mess to a home!

we had a great weekend, we visited Johnny’s family in Longmont Colorado, and I got to meet a lot of family that I hadn’t had the pleasure of before. Kota and Cheyenne went along for the trip and got to see horses, and ducks at Sheree’s. the horses or really big dogs and kota didn’t get along so well and they narrowly escaped a stampeed of three and several hooves in his direction. they also got to play with Rob’s dog Choo Choo today, and got barked at by Charolette, Bandit’s sister.

On our way back today we stopped at American Furniature wearhouse, just north of where we live and picked out a bedroom set that we have been with out for a while. its a cherry set bed, dresser, mirror, chest and night stand.

we also picked out a TV stand for the living room

 similar to that piece but more in an espresso color.

we lit a fire in the fire place this evening for the first time, and the house feels nice and cozy, at this time its 36 degrees outside.

i recieved a call back and an interview at the Golden Bee at the Broadmoor, thats wedneday. more as that progresses. but keep me in your good thoughts and lets hope this works out for the good!!

Have a great week! Love to all


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