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Lots to Catch up on!!

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first things first- Kota trying to catch a snowball. after he tried to catch it, he tried to bring it inside.  

So I’ve been slacking for the past couple weeks- here is one big catch up.

Garden of the gods a couple weeks ago

Seven Falls Last weekend

We got an inch and a half of snow on Tuesday night/wednesday morning

On Friday we went to the Colorado University and Nebraska Game in Boulder. It didn’t get above 28 degrees!

Ralphie is the Mascot of CU Buff’s and this was Ralphie’s last run at the game. She will be retired and a new calf will replace her. CU is one of the only schools in the US that has a live mascot!

CU is a beautiful campus- the icicles hanging from this building were awsome!

and a very merry christmas- this was the most decorated house we’ve seen so far. This one was in Longmont the day after chrismas


Pikes Peak – Summited

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This weekend we rented a cabin in Woodland Park, at the base of Pikes Peak. We loaded up Kota and Cheyenne and off we went. Saturday we drove the Pikes Peak Highway, one of the most desired scenic drives in the US. We hiked around the crystal resorvior, the WHOLE thing, we got done and the lady at the gift shop said it was only 3 miles, and that was disappointing. it seemed much farther than that and took a long time. but we did drive the whole 20 miles to the top, and it was worth it! at 14, 110 feet the view is awsome! Then today on our way back we stopped at Garden of the Gods, the dogs are allowed to be there, so we played on some rocks and walked on some trails. the rock formations out there are unbeleivable, they have been there for millions of years. very cool.  we missed the main area so we will go back and do the main area another weekend.

 We came home and the house was so cold, we lit a fire to quickly heat the place up.  I guess the top of the Flume caught fire with the embers and the left over ash. then the fire department showed up. gulp. our neghibor called them to come check it out because  was smoking too much. intresting day. but big props to the Colorado Springs Fire Department! they are awsome!

 ok so to the pictures!

Crystal Resorvior, and behind it Pikes Peak

sliding down the snow!

view from the summit of Pikes Peak, 14,110 feet!

us at the Summit


Deer (?) at Garden of the Gods

one of the huge rocks at Garden of the Gods.

Our house!

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lets take a tour and see the new place.

our living room.

“conversation pit” we call it the fire pit and the music hole.

TINY kitchen

the dining room

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!

the patio. Kota is looking for the feral cats

hope this stack takes us through the winter

~*~*~*thats it for down stairs~*~*~*

our bedroom. the blue wall came with the place.

view from the office

Boo Boo’s for Too’s

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kota cut his paw pad, so we neosporened it and wrapped it up in a sock. then we taped it to his leg so it wouldn’t come off.

Johnny broke his toe (can you guess which one). the army had them wrestle the other morning, no shoes no socks, and broken toes are quite common.