What Johnny has been doing

C&P from emails from the past week or so…. 

I’m writing a book, that’s what i decided to do with the leather journal that your mom gave me. so if i ever get motivated, i’m going to keep things on the comical side, it will be a more interesting read i think.

it’s just been real hectic trying to get everything set up, the bulk of the soldiers start arriving here on the x or so, so we’re tyring to get our office set up before they get here, we have already had to take some legal actions against a few soldiers. I had my first chance to do some work on my own yesterday:), My Sergeant said that I did a good job and that he had been worried that I was going to be as bad as the last guy that he got. He said that he got lucky when he got me instead of another “bonehead”.  So that made my day a little better yesterday.  Not much is really going on, the only thing I’m scared of right now is snakes, apparently cobras are pretty prevalent in our area, I haven’t seen one yet, but other people have, I swear to God, I’ll shoot the first one I see, I hate snakes; I’ve dedicated a chapter in my book to just how much I hate snakes.  My book is mainly about how bad it is over here, most things have been dramatized, big time, it makes it funnier, it’s really not that bad at all.

 Right now it is cold as hell outside, it had to be about 35 this morning, i wouldn’t know though because everything is in celsius.

things are starting to progress a little bit, day by day things are starting to come together. I plugged a surge protector into the wall today, guess what, the voltage was too small, it blew up in my face, so I’ve been pretty awake since then


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