“Very Strict Diet”

A restaurant is not a good place to eat when you are on a “very strict diet”

I had a couple tonight, they came to me by it being too cold in another servers section. fine. They are on a very strict diet, ask 1000 questions about how things are prepared. They decide on:

Her: Fish Sandwich- Panko Crusted, SAUTEED, and broccoli. on a butter soaked egg wash roll. But don’t put any Remolaude sauce on the bun. “I’m on a strict diet”

Him: Starts with a salad (good choice) with bacon, blue cheese crumbles, eggs, cheese and croutons (please hold the croutons) and BLUE CHEESE DRESSING.

For the meal he had a Chicken Sandwich, with a slice of cheese (grilled great) and COLE SLAW.

Of course the first sandwich for her is too oily for her diet-  it was after all Sauteed, she changes to a salmon sandwich. waits 15 minutes.

And they buy them the whole meal.

PLEASE people, if you are on a very strict diet, a restaurant is not the place to eat. Lettuce dry is your only safe option, everything else is dripping in butter/oil or some other artery clogging substance.


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