I am going to write a book.

So not really, but there are a very small percentage of people who need an education when it comes to dining out. I often find my self saying I am going to write a book about this kind of subject.

lesson #1. If you can’t afford to tip your server, please don’t come out to eat. 15-20% tip is standard for good service. You are more than welcome to adjust this as you feel fit. Tiping $3 on a $35 meal is unacceptable. Servers know when they give poor service and when you are just being cheap. There are lots and lots of places that provide very good food and do not require a tip. IE- any fast food chain, any place in the food court at the mall, Crispers, Field of Greens, Subway, i could go on and on. Please remember your server makes $3 an hour.

Lesson #2. If the restaruant you are about to enter closes in ten minutes, just assume its closed. The cooks won’t be happy, your server won’t be happy, and as theroy prooves, you are the SLOWEST.EATER.EVER.

more lessons to come…


One Response to “I am going to write a book.”

  1. haha… you should check out http://waiterrant.net , he’s hilarious.

    [and– your photos look great!! I especially like the barbed wire one, it has really good composition and color]

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