Discovery Cove!

we went to discovery cove in orlando (highly reccomended) they have a lazy river with lots of underwater rocks and things, cool to snorkel in. a salt water tank with tons of fish and sting rays that you snorkel with! in the salt water tank the have tanks with in with glass windows so you swim next to barracuddas in one tank and sharks in another tank, its hard to discribe. but being to close is very creepy and cool! there was also a sting ray tank with baby rays that you can feed. THEN a 30 minute hands on dolphin encounter.

all that being said, it was 45 degrees the day we went and we were running from pool to pool to keep in the water and not freeze.

It was the coolest experience we’ve ever had!!!!!!!!!!! Again, a must do in Orlando.

ok so in this one below, the trainer asked me touch Aries’ (the dolphin’s) Belly Button. Since Dolphins are mammals they are born with an umbilical cord and have belly buttons. When I touched Aries’s Belly Button she laughed! She wiggled her fins and her whole body like she was laughing.

Aries giving Johnny a ride!

KISS KISS! (and a bad scan 😦 )


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