Montana Trip

On the road to the Ranch, some serious sunsets! with in about 20 minutes of each other.

Our first day we drove out to Butte (not Butt) MT, Butte has the largest historic district in the US, it was #2 to new Orleans, then hurricane Katrina took most of their historic district.

when the town was a large mining town, the singles lived in this apartment style living  quarters.

old building, a brothel was across the street

mansion, for sale, $350,000. we had to get out and check it out! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

another mansion. this one’s owner was making $17m a month in 1900, this was his smallest home with 26 bedrooms. the roof and the gutters are copper, and some of the windows are stained glass.

the berkley pit. once a mining pit for copper, now closed, the water in the pit is highly toxic and rising at a rate of 12 feet per year.

Our Lady of the Rockies. Once we were out in Butte, we visited the Lady. a statue of Mary, 3 feet shorter than the statue of liberty, she sits on the continental divide

view from the top

next is rafting,,,, ill post that one later on.


One Response to “Montana Trip”

  1. your pics are so beautiful!!! what is this white statue??

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