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Where the Hell is Matt

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This made me happy today!


Flower Show

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Mom, Aunt Laura, Grandma and I adventured to the Shady Affair at the Mounts Botanical Gardenin West Palm  yesterday.  The grounds there are stunning, the florals there are beautiful


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mr man goes to me this morning, did you get my pictures from mars?
me: not yet
MM: ok ill resend them
me: well, tell me about what MARS is because you obviously didn’t go into outer space today.
<yahoo new mail message>

me: OMG

so, this was late in the afternoon, one of the worst sand storms they’ve had yet. Mr Man says there was one worse.  No tricks or edits here, this is how it was.


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“Répondez s’il vous plaît”, a French phrase that translates to “reply, please.” or literally “reply, if it pleases you” [1]. It is with this meaning that invitation cards and similar documents are often marked with “R.S.V.P.” It is standard practice to reply to an RSVP request whether confirming attendance or declining.

The “by date” is very nice. at 11pm on said date, i have definitively heard from 3 of 26 invitees and 3 through another person. SERIOUSLY?!

Etiquette PLEASE people.

That is all.

Dirty Socks= Happy Pups

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Mr Man sent us dirty socks and shirts to play with, about a month ago, since the mail is so slow coming from his latest assignment, its taken a while to get here. There were some happy puppers when the mail came and smelly shirts and socks were discovered!! Thanks babe!

Some fun with editing!!

kota and cheyenne,pink brown

kota and cheyenne,pink brown

kota and cheyenne

kota and cheyenne

Cheyenne girl.Cheyenne girl.
always stoic, the kota bear

always stoic, the kota bear

Thanks Mr Man for brightening our day!!

Palm Beach

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How long has it been since i took these, gee. gulp. ok, lets see, my friend Emily, of Emily Image and I adventured to the snobbish land of Palm Beach. Took some great pictures of their beautiful surroundings and stunning architecture as the sun was going down.

Some favorites:

The sea grass.

a beautiful sunset behind a HUGE church. Where this church was there was a religious center of every kind, one right next to another.  They really cater to the wealthy.

another beautuful church

Some cool tile work out side a condo building

At the top of these steps was a gorgeous door. and Emily captured me sneaking up someones front steps!

Emily’s view.

Love this one, in front of the Paramount Church of Palm Beach was this lovely flower garden. Turns out the Paramount Church used to be Paramount Studios Movie Screening years ago, and is now a church, with botiquey shops and things out front.

Check, one thing done!

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In my ever going attempt to ready myself for my move back to colorado when the hubbs returns home, I am always finding little things to do to make the preperation for the move easier on my self. Yesterday was a big thing, get the hitch installed on the truck. After 2 trips to Jupiter, 2 hours of waiting while i was there, and a FANTASTIC price out the door (thanks Jupiter Hitch), the hitch is in.


the part that will connect w/ the trailer, comes off and goes w/ the spare, and the wiring is all nice and confined to the holder w/ the tire jack. I’m most excited that the hitch part doesn’t stick out at all!!

Next, make the remainter of his time away dissappear!