Palm Beach

How long has it been since i took these, gee. gulp. ok, lets see, my friend Emily, of Emily Image and I adventured to the snobbish land of Palm Beach. Took some great pictures of their beautiful surroundings and stunning architecture as the sun was going down.

Some favorites:

The sea grass.

a beautiful sunset behind a HUGE church. Where this church was there was a religious center of every kind, one right next to another.  They really cater to the wealthy.

another beautuful church

Some cool tile work out side a condo building

At the top of these steps was a gorgeous door. and Emily captured me sneaking up someones front steps!

Emily’s view.

Love this one, in front of the Paramount Church of Palm Beach was this lovely flower garden. Turns out the Paramount Church used to be Paramount Studios Movie Screening years ago, and is now a church, with botiquey shops and things out front.


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