I have very very fond memories of the circus growing up. As a little girl my Granddad promoted the circus locally, and got to be apart of many circus’s. I remember probally being 7 and being pulled from the audience and appointed junior ringmaster for the day. I remember wearing overalls, and being selected with my cousin.  We ooo’d and awwww’ed the lion tamers, elephant riders and tight rope walkers. Being scared with fire swallowers and motorcycle-cage-riders. But most of all the clowns make the circus, and they will always have a happy place in my mind.

So this year when the call came out to work with my aunt’s promotions company at the annual CHristmas tree lighting down at Clematis by night, hang out with Cherie & Dave, two of Ringling Bros, and Barnum & Bailey’s, and May I add finest, ambassators of laugh, well who am I to resist.








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