General Update.

Well, I think I am unpacked. and most everything is put away where it shall belong. It’s taken a while, I lack the motivation to really do anything.

This being unemployed sucks. So me and Kota and Cheyenne hang out. I’m going to take photos of the house when I get it straightened up enough to share with the world.

I think I have sent out about 100 job applications, I’ve heard nothing back from anyone yet. I am keeping optimistic for tomorrow. I attended a career fair last week, it was a total bust.  Average conversation between me and potential employers:

Employer: Hello Ma’am are you a veteran??
Me:  Well no…
Employer: we have nothing to offer you
<<<walks to next booth>>
Colorado State Patrol
<<<walks to next booth>>
Denver PD
<<<walks to next booth>>

Sears. Oh well maybe they have something in HR

Sears Guy: We are hiring for management in our training program
Me: excellent, heres my resume
SG: well its a 12 week tranining program and then you are relocateable.
Me: May have my resume back please?

Other interesting employers included, Lockheed Martin, too bad  I didn’t take mechanical engineering in college.  Lots of Cop, State Patrol, Prisons, and Security Guards. Needless to say I am still un employed.

In other eventful news, im having lots of time to play with Photoshop. Some fun examples:

Me feeding a Giraffe

And for laughs, I locked my self out of the house last night, being 20 degrees and all. Got to meet my neghibors, and find a handy lock smith.

Thats all i got!


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