out of a cooler.

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Refrigerator Update:
Its been purchased, but cant be delivered until Wednesday. The maintenance guy is going to try and come by take the old one to the garage, then go get the new one, and bring it over. but he can’t do it alone. So i have a bag of ice, and some california rolls, with a salad on ice. that should hold me over until tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ll have some exciting news and something to do tomorrow….


What a weekend

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So me and the pups are excited that this will probally be our last single weekend. We are patiently awating word on a very important homecoming. No, no news.

We had a ::fun:: weekend. Started with Cheyenne and her belly isn’t feeling so good. So shes been on a rice diet. Since shes on rice, kotas eating rice too. No problem cooking rice, but Kota lost his rice today. NIICE. Not a problem until were waiting for the rice to cool so they can eat it.

Top it off, on Wednesday I thought the refrigerator wasn’t working properly. The milk had spoiled (date on the carton 2-10) and the ice cream I had was soup-y. Called the landlord Thursday morning after I put some water in the freezer to see if it would feeze overnight, and it didn’t so i called the landlord first thing Thursday morning, she called back at 7:30a Friday, saying the maintiance guy would be in touch today, and hang out hell by later. 5:30, i went out with out hearing from the guy, he called 6:30, he’d be by tomorrow, when is good for me. we set 10am as when he would come. Find out the fridge is done. need a new one. I let him know that I’m on stand by for a very important homecoming and the only requested item was cold beer. Can’t do that with a busted fridge. Asked to have it by Sunday as were still not sure when the homecoming will be. Needless to say, I’ve heard from no one regarding the fridge and its 8:00p. Surprised, not really. Agitated none the less. Tomorrow morning I get to make another nice call to the landlord reguarding the refridgerator. If its going to be easier to go to the store and get one my self and deduct it from the rent, i may as well do that, I’d really not like to keep eating take out, more so , no cold, refreshing, beverages to welcome someone special home.

General Update.

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Well, I think I am unpacked. and most everything is put away where it shall belong. It’s taken a while, I lack the motivation to really do anything.

This being unemployed sucks. So me and Kota and Cheyenne hang out. I’m going to take photos of the house when I get it straightened up enough to share with the world.

I think I have sent out about 100 job applications, I’ve heard nothing back from anyone yet. I am keeping optimistic for tomorrow. I attended a career fair last week, it was a total bust.  Average conversation between me and potential employers:

Employer: Hello Ma’am are you a veteran??
Me:  Well no…
Employer: we have nothing to offer you
<<<walks to next booth>>
Colorado State Patrol
<<<walks to next booth>>
Denver PD
<<<walks to next booth>>

Sears. Oh well maybe they have something in HR

Sears Guy: We are hiring for management in our training program
Me: excellent, heres my resume
SG: well its a 12 week tranining program and then you are relocateable.
Me: May have my resume back please?

Other interesting employers included, Lockheed Martin, too bad  I didn’t take mechanical engineering in college.  Lots of Cop, State Patrol, Prisons, and Security Guards. Needless to say I am still un employed.

In other eventful news, im having lots of time to play with Photoshop. Some fun examples:

Me feeding a Giraffe

And for laughs, I locked my self out of the house last night, being 20 degrees and all. Got to meet my neghibors, and find a handy lock smith.

Thats all i got!


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I have very very fond memories of the circus growing up. As a little girl my Granddad promoted the circus locally, and got to be apart of many circus’s. I remember probally being 7 and being pulled from the audience and appointed junior ringmaster for the day. I remember wearing overalls, and being selected with my cousin.  We ooo’d and awwww’ed the lion tamers, elephant riders and tight rope walkers. Being scared with fire swallowers and motorcycle-cage-riders. But most of all the clowns make the circus, and they will always have a happy place in my mind.

So this year when the call came out to work with my aunt’s promotions company at the annual CHristmas tree lighting down at Clematis by night, hang out with Cherie & Dave, two of Ringling Bros, and Barnum & Bailey’s, and May I add finest, ambassators of laugh, well who am I to resist.







Protected: signed sealed and not yet delivered.

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Busch Wildlife

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Angeline brought her class mates into town on their way to Miami for some wildlife thing or another, I met up with them and took some pictures.

this kitty cat was not happy everyone was hanging out making noise in front of his room. he was one angry kitty.

same kitty only now in color.

owl in the flight cages

owl from the classroom style Ampitheater


if you haven’t been to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, you are missing out, its a great, cool, fun, educational (who thought all those things can go together) place. Go, pack a picnic and spend the day!

Don’t Vote.

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then go for free coffee.

but dont vote for free coffee, vote and be informed. then go have coffee.